Monday, March 17, 2008

A pleasent day in the Adelaide Hills...

.. spent in the company of other XO's.

Adelaide held it's second Barcamp event on Sunday (16 Mar 2008), at Bridgewater, in the ITshare rooms near the Bridgewater Mill Winery.

There were people working with XO laptops; some tutorials on surface mount soldering, while building an embedded uCLinux board to which to run Asterisk; a huddle around some graphic design work using inkscape; some blogging, an ernest game of chess, or two and a great BBQ lunch.

Nearly 30 people joined in the event. Thanks goes specifically to Janet and Kim Hawtin, Lyn Stephens for organising the event and Jennifary Gillet of ITShare for the use of their venue. Everyone brought something techie share though, which made it such a great event.

One happy (bar)camper. (Kamping Kaiser)

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